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Pope St. John Paul II gave the Church a great gift on April 30, 2000, when he made the Sunday after Easter the Feast of Divine Mercy. In his 1980 encyclical Dives in Misericordia, he wrote, “Mercy differs from justice, but is not in opposition to it … Love, by its very nature, excludes hatred and ill-will” (#III, 4). The struggle to harmonize justice and mercy is central to understanding […]

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The Church is currently celebrating the Year of Consecrated Life, a special year designated by Pope Francis to recognize the many contributions of the consecrated religious orders which serve the mission of the Church around the world. This Year is not only significant for the men and women who belong to these orders, but for all Catholics. Each of us benefits from the vocation of consecrated religious members and the […]

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, May God’s blessings and His peace be with you as we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Diocese of Gallup. This past Summer I had the opportunity to go to two dioceses to preach the annual Mission Appeal. I visited the Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY, which contains Queens and Long Island. It was my first time visiting the area, and I found the […]

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Blessed John Paul II wrote in Ecclesia in America “In this life, conversion is a goal which is never fully attained: on the path which the disciple is called to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, conversion is a lifelong process”. Our process of conversion, though it is a lifelong one, is of special importance during the season of Lent. The Church gives us this beautiful season so that we […]

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Please find below a statement released recently from the Bishops of the USCCB as we conclude our yearly meeting. The statement concerns the issue of religious freedom, and the importance of standing up for our right to proclaim the Good News of Christ. Please pray for our country and our legislators, that they may recognize the importance of the Gospel message in our society. […]

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Christ is Risen! As the Church continues to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord during the Easter season, we are reminded that our participation in the life of the Church helps to spread the message that He is truly risen. This is especially vital during the Year of Faith, as we share our faith with others so that they might develop a deep and intimate friendship with Jesus Christ. The […]

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Here is a statement from the Bishops of the Arizona Catholic Conference Comprehensive immigration reform, so needed, has remained elusive for years now. The pattern of past debates is clear. Immediately, sides form and positions harden. Emotions flare and disagreements persist; gridlock sets in. Politicians lose their nerve, become cautious and step back. We have been there several times already since President Reagan signed a legalization bill in 1986. Simple, […]

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In these most sacred days when our Jewish brothers and sisters celebrate the Feast of Passover, and we Christians recall the saving actions of Jesus Christ, the eyes of our state and nation have been diverted to the halls of government to await authoritative interpretations of the law of the land regarding the age-old institution of marriage.  We, the Catholic bishops of New Mexico, wish, in these circumstances, to reiterate […]

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Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI wrote in Porta Fidei, the apostolic letter that announced the Year of Faith, “Belief in Jesus Christ is the way to arrive definitively at salvation”.  Our present age has grown cold to this message.  We see an increase of people who identify Jesus as simply a wise teacher who teaches people how to be kind to one another.   His teachings are viewed as simply […]

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This weekend, November 3 & 4, the following letter will be read at the Masses in all of the parishes and missions in the Diocese of Gallup.  Please pray for our country and the men and women who will help to shape the future of the United States of America as they cast their votes. Mary Immaculate, Patroness of our country, pray for us.   Dear Brothers and Sisters in […]

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