If you’ve seen the movie The Way, read anything about the Camino or had the privilege of making the Camino, then you know the most frequently spoken phrase along the Camino is “Buen Camino”. When you pass a fellow pilgrim along the way you simply say “buen camino”, to which the pilgrim responds “buen camino”. Within this little phrase there is a greeting, a wishing well and an acknowledgment that […]

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As you might imagine, as you traverse the Camino you encounter all sorts of wildlife. The animals are so accustomed to seeing pilgrims that they rarely take notice of the daily travelers. Occasionally you encounter the rare dog with a bad attitude, but the worst thing they do is bark at you. These dogs are not the worst of our worries. The ones we worry about the most are the […]

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My apologies for the late entry, but because it was Sunday it was very difficult to find a wifi connection. Following Mass on Saturday night we had a nice light meal at a restaurant just outside of the parish church in the town square of Portomarin. I think it is important to write about the food on the Camino because it has been exceptional. There is a standard pilgrim meal […]

Today I woke at three a.m. to the sounds of one of our fellow pilgrims smashing bedbugs on his pillow and on the wall above his head. We had heard about these unwelcome guests, but had yet to experience them. Our best estimate is that another pilgrim brought them from a previous stop as Casa de Carmen didn’t have them in any of the other buildings. I guess we were […]

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We woke at 5 am, prayed laudes and had breakfast in the refectory of the monastery before setting out on the road to Barbadelo. The weather was nice and cool, threatening to rain most of the morning, but never really raining. Again it turned out to be another beautiful day.We were able to pray our daily rosary, which has become one of the highlights on the Camino. We encountered more […]

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Today we woke to the sound of pilgrims shuffling around outside our room as they prepared to meet another day. There are two main types of pilgrims, walkers and bikers. There are also those who chose ride by horseback, but we have yet to see one. There are two ways to set out on the Camino – the more scenic route to Sarria, or the shorter route to the monastery […]

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The bus bide from Madrid to O’Cebreiro offered a beautiful view of the Spanish countryside, which at times looked vey similar to the southwest.  We arrived at the bus station, put our packs on our backs and set out on a three mile journey up the mountain to O’Cebreiro. We arrived at our albergue, Casa Carolo, which is a beautiful place to stay.  The highlight of the evening was the […]

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We have arrived safely in Spain.  Today’s entry will be somewhat short as we will travel six hours by bus to our starting point on the Camino.  While in Madrid we were able to visit the Cathedral.  Pope Benedict XVI visited and prayed in the Cathedral during World Youth Day 2011 and there are a number of plaques commemorating his historic visit.  Also, there is a relic of Blessed John […]

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This past weekend, I had the privilege to visit Franciscan University of Steubenville in Steubenville, Ohio in order to speak at the Saint John Bosco Catechetical Conference. It was an amazing experience. The presenters, attendees and staff were definitely in love with the Lord and had a passion for evangelization and catechesis. My talk was around the topic of Evangelization and Catechesis in a Missionary Diocese in light of the […]

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This past weekend a number of young men attended a discernment retreat at the Curé of Ars House of Discernment. Father Matthew Keller, Director of Priestly Vocations for the Diocese of Gallup, led the retreat. Father Keller was assisted by four of our diocesan seminarians. At the heart of the weekend was the simple questions “What does God want?” It is a simple question, yet extremely complex. There are many […]

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