Tribunal Office Staff

503 W. Historic Highway 66
PO Box 1338
Gallup, NM 87301

Tribunal Office Secretary

Rebecca Boucher
[email protected]

Judicial Vicar

Rev. Kevin Finnegan, V.F., J.C.L.

Adjutant Judicial Vicar

Rev. Lawrence O’Keefe, J.C.D.

“A tribunal, which is the official ecclesiastical court of the Catholic Church, is established in each diocese by the bishop to assist him in carrying out his responsibility as shepherd of the local Christian community which has been entrusted to him.” (Canon 1419)

It is the primary duty of this tribunal to hear the cases submitted, particularly in regards to the Sacrament of Marriage, and to act according to Church and Canon Law.

  • 503 W. Highway 66
    Gallup, NM 87301
    PO Box 1338
  • (505)-863-4406
  • [email protected]
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Promise to Protect

The Diocese of Gallup is committed to maintaining a safe environment for all who live and worship in our Diocese.

If you or someone you know has allegations of abuse against a minor, you can report it to us by contacting:

Elizabeth Terrill,
Victims Assistance Coordinator

Your information will be kept confidential.